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Save 30% off the delivery price for goods from!

You can now take advantage of a 30% discount off the delivery price for goods purchased from! You can now prepare your shipment online through the fully automated process, which saves you both time and money. This program, product of the partnership between Econt and, not only reduces your transportation expenses but also provides you with a secure delivery.

It is not necessary to have a registered e-econt account ? all you need to do is follow the link “???????? ? ?????”, which will take you directly to the Order form. Here you can fill in the relevant information ? name of sender, consignor, information about the shipment, any additional services ? directly, without going through any unnecessary additional steps. In the end you have the option of printing the filled in form in PDF format. (Adobe Reader)

Should you need any additional questions about the program or step-by-step instructions, you can find all the relevant information here.?

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  • Fuel surcharge and road conditions for Bulgaria, Romania and Greece
    Month Mart
    Fee 0%
    Fuel surcharge fee is announced by Econt on the 1st day of the month, depending on the road conditions, infrastructure and fuel prices in Bulgaria
  • Download your iEcont here
    You can download iEcont application for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad here - from iTunes, or directly from App Store.

    Users of Android operating systems can download the application by scanning the QR code, or by visiting Android Market.
  • Deliveries of Econt on 1-st of May

    In connection with the national holiday on May 1, we informed that 30.04 (Monday) and 1.05 (Tuesday) will be non-working days for Econt.

    All consignments accepted on 27.04 (Friday) will be delivered according to the customer’s request – on Saturday, 28.04 when using additional service Priority, or on the first working day after the holidays – 02:05 (Wednesday). This request should be included in the transport contract for forwarding the shipment.

    Received on 28.04 (Saturday) shipments will be delivered on 02:05 (Wednesday)

    More information can be found here

    To order a courier dial “Courier” on your phone!

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