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The service Barter allows you to exchange goods from distance on the same day and hour by a courier, which guarantees you security in the execution of transaction.


Both sides announce the values of the goods exchanged. Couriers will enroll them as a service Cash – an amount, which is due out before receiving the goods. You choose service before the payment of Cash which is called “Review of the goods up to 15 minutes.” To allow the implementation of the barter you have to be on the pointed address or in our office at the same time. When you want to send the goods to a certain address you have to choose Fixed time service delivery – Priority. When sending the goods to our office you don’t use Priority, but arrange together another hour which is both convenient for visiting the closest Office of Econt. While receiving the shipments you make review of the goods in 15 minutes. You will receive a call from a Courier, who will ask whether there is a deal and if you agree you have to order The Cash on delivery service for your shipment to be removed. In online casino slots case that both consignments you exchange are not with equal values it is possible to change the sum of the Cash on delivery on one of the shipments instead of ordering it to be dropped altogether. Only with the consent of both parties, the amounts fell and shipments are transmitted, which we consider service Barter performed. If there is no agreement on either side, there is no deal and the shipments are processed due to .

An important condition, to succeed with the implementation of Barter is to have the SAME HOUR to visit our Couriers both sides of the transaction.


  • Courier service Tariff
  • Fee Priority – 2,40 BGN.
  • Fee Cash – 2,4% of the goods value
  • For specific price use Calculator

IMPORTANT: Econt is not a party to the Barter and can not intervene between business relationships.

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