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Unique offer for the users of AUCTION.BG

Econt and AUCTION.BG offer another unique opportunity for their customers. Now all users who have registered in e-Econt can use the accumulated bonus points for payment of any obligations to Auction.BG.

How does that work?

Through transferring the accumulated bonus points to the Auction.BG account. For this purpose, each registered user logs into his electronic office, in the menu “Accounts and organizations” => “My Account in Econt” and chooses “Load Account”.

Pressing the “Load account” a window is opening by the name “Charging Account”. To implement the transfer of bonus points the users need to follow these steps:

1. In the window “From Account” choose “Bonus points”.
2. In the “Select Customer” write – AUCTION.BG and choose it from the drop down list.
3. Indicate the number of selected bonus points you want to transfer to the account of Auction.BG.
4. In “Reason” is written the reason for the transfer made – Payment of obligations to AUCTION.BG.
5. Press the “Confirm” button to complete the transfer.

How to earn more bonus points?

We remind you the ways in which everyone can add bonus points in their account:

  • Each shipment prepared by you in your electronic office of e-Econt, which traveling on behalf of the recipient, brings you 3% of the cost of the courier service in the form of commissions, which you can turn into bonus points;
  • When using the service Advance payment of courier services for each amount paid you receive an additional discount in the form of bonus points.

  • How to transform the accumulated commissions in bonus points?

    The user enters the menu “Accounts and organizations”, and select menu “Commissions”:

    In the window “Shipments on which commission is due to” choose “Payment in bonus points,” after which a confirmation of the selected operation is needed.

    The value of the accumulated bonus points can be tracked back to the menu “Accounts and organizations”, where you can also make a transaction to AUCTION.BG.

    After completion of the transfer of the Bonus points to AUCTION.BG the user should contact their administrator who should confirm the transaction.

    Additional information:
    The official rate of bonus points you can see at Econt’s website. To this date, the rate is 0.10 BGN for one bonus point.

    For further questions you can call the Free phone 0 8001 0600 or write to us on email:

    The Fast couriers of Econt

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