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We inform you about the dates of delivery of shipments in the country in relation to the upcoming non-business days at the beginning of May.


For all offices
1st May (Thursday) – 9:00 – 18:00 h
* Customers’ shipments will be handled from and to their address by Priority service.

For offices with extended working hours

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May (Friday), 5 May (Monday) and 6 May (Tuesday) – from 9:00 to 18:00 h
* You can receive and send shipments only at the offices with extended working hours, a list of which you will find at the end of the news. Shipments accepted from and delivered to the Customers’ address won’t be served on the quoted days.
3th May (Saturday)
4th May (Sunday)


To receive shipments from an office of Econt:

• Accepted on 30th

April (Wednesday):
- on 1st May (Thursday) from 9:00 to 18:00 h from any office in the country
- on 2nd May (Friday), 5th May (Monday) and 6th May (Tuesday) from 9:00 to 18:00 h only from the quoted offices with extended working hours
- on 7th May (Wednesday) from every office in the country

• Accepted on 1st May (Thursday) – can be received on 2nd May (Friday) from 9:00 to 18:00 h only at the offices with extended working hours

• Accepted on 2nd May (Friday) – can be received on 5th May (Monday) from 9:00 to 18:00 h only at the offices with extended working hours

• Accepted

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on 5th May (Monday) – can be received on 6th May (Tuesday) from 9:00 to 18:00 h only at the offices with extended working hours

Shipments to receive at address from a courier:

• accepted on 30th April (Wednesday)
- by Priority service – on 1st May (Thursday) from 09:00 to 18:00 h
- no Priority service – on 7th May (Wednesday) – until 13:00 h
• accepted at an office with extended working hours on 2nd May (Friday), 5th May (Monday) and 6th May (Tuesday) – can be received at an address on 7th May (Wednesday) – until 13:00 h

Working hours of Round the clock courier in Sofia:
- 30th April (Wednesday) – from 18:00 to 09:00 on 1st May (Thursday)
- 1st May (Thursday) – from 18:00 to 06:00 on 2nd May (Friday)

Working hours of Econt Consultative Center:
- 1st May (Thursday) – 00:01 – 24:00
- 2nd May (Friday) – 00:01 – 24:00
- 3rd May (Saturday) – 00:01 – 06:00
- 5th May (Monday) – 09:00 – 24:00
- 6th May (Tuesday) – 00:01 – 24:00
- 7th May (Wednesday) – 00:01 – 06:00


1. Blagoevgrad RC
2. Blagoevgrad Market
3. Burgas RC
4. Burgas Bratya Miladinovi
5. Burgas Lazur
6. Burgas, Royal office
7. Byala
8. Varna RC


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Varna Vazrazhdane
10. Varna Chayka
11. Veliko Tarnovo

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12. Veliko Tarnovo Hr. Botev
13. Veliko Tarnovo Slaveykov Sq
14. Vratsa RC
15. Gorna Oryahovitsa Sheynovo
16. Dobrich RC

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17. Dobrich Open Air Theatre
18. Nesebar
19. Pazardzhik RC
20. Pleven RC

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21. Plovdiv RC
22. Plovdiv Rodopi Bus station
23. Plovdiv Mortagon

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24. Ruse RC
25. Ruse Town Square
26. Ruse Buddha House
27. Svishtov
28. Sliven Svetlina
29. Sunny Beach bus station
30. Sozopol Republikanska
31. Sofia RC
32. Sofia Reduta
33. Sofia Slatina
34. Sofia Druzhba 2
35. Sofia BC Vitosha
36. Sofia Hipodruma
37. Sofia Borovo
38. Sofia Rakovski
39. Sofia Lomsko Shose
40. Stara Zagora Railway Station
41. Stara Zagora Mototehnika
42. Targovishte RC
43. Haskovo RC
44. Shumen RC
45. Yambol RC
46. Yambol

- 20, Pokrovnishko Shose Street
- 5, Dame Gruev Street, Blagoevgrad neighbourhood,
- 47, Industrialna Street, warehouse 36 and 41, Pobeda neibourhood
- 135, Maritsa Street, Bratya Miladinovi neighbourhood
- apartment building 100, office 1, Lazur neighbourhood
- 39, Tsar Simeon I Street, former Republicanska, district 1
- 15, Ivan Vazov Street
- Metal factory, West Industrial Zone
- apartment building 66, ground floor, Vazrazhdane neighbourhood
- apartment building 68, ground floor (at the back of Post Office 5), Chayka neighbourhood
- 3Ж, Poltava Street, Kolyo Ficheto neighbourhood
- 28, Hristo Botev Street, Veliko Tarnovo neighbourhood
- 5, Pencho P. Slaveykov Sq, Varusha neighbourhood
- 18, Nikola Vaptsarov Street, Metalurg neighbourhood
– 10, Sheynovo Street
- 43, 25 Septemvri Street, Dobrich neighbourhood
- 28, General Kolev Street, Dobrich neighbourhood
- 41, Edelvays Street
- 24, Milyo Voyvoda Street, Glavinitsa neighbourhood
- 94, Georgi Kochev Street, Pleven neighbourhood
- 12, Kuklensko Shose Street, Yuzhen district
- 7A, Kaliakra Street, Kichuk Paris neighbourhood
- 5, Mortagon Street, Central district
- 11, Tutrakan Blvd, East Industrial Zone
- 20, Asen Zlatarov Street, Central zone
- 4, Dobrudzha Street
- 3, Al. Stamboliyski Street
- Stefan Karadzha Street, Industrial neighbourhood
- Kameliya neighbourhood opposite Luna complex (next to the bus station)
- 55, Republikanska Street
- 9, Rezbarska Street, Hadzhi Dimitar neighbourhood
- 23, Blaga Dimitrova Street, Reduta neighbourhood
- 15, Ivan Dimitrov – Kuklata Street, Slatina neighbourhood
- 226 apartment building, ground floor, Druzhba 2 neighbourhood
- 47, Cherni Vrah Blvd, Lozenets neighbourhood
- 6-8, Khan Presiyan Street, Hipodruma neighbourhood
- apartment building 227, entr. A, office 4, Borovo neighbourhood
- 40 St St Cyril and Methodius Stret, Oborishte neighbourhood
- apartment building 173, entr. 7, ground floor, Nadezhda neigbourhood
- 8, Gerasim Papazchev Street
- 157, Tsar Simeon Veliki Blvd
- in Rodopa building, Industrial Zone neighbourhood
- 64, Saedinenie Blvd, East Industrial Zone
- 1, Madara Blvd, Shumen
- 1 Industrial Street, Industrial neighbourhood
- 20, Dim. Blagoev Blvd, Gen. Vl. Zaimov neigbourhood

• RC – Regional Center
• BC – Business Center

For further information:
- number to contact management – 0 8001 8001
- national number to order a courier – 0 7001 7300
- skype: econt-bg
- at the office next to you

We wish you happy holidays!

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