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Contacts in Bulgaria


- - E-mail for contact with Econt’s consulatnts for requests, information, International Department.

- - E-mail for submission of complaints.


Contact us on Facebook at:

National Skype profile of Econt

Add your profile econt-bg to obtain information by calling.

The profile does not send or receive written messages.

Набери чрез Skype

Business hours: Round-the-clock

Price: Free of charge

One national number to contact Econt

You choose according to your needs with whom of our consultants to talk about:

- order a courier

- obtaining information

- International service

- complaints

Business hours: Round-the-cloск

Цена: At the cost of a local call or according to the tariff plan of your operator.

  • Fuel surcharge and road conditions for Bulgaria, Romania and Greece
    Month April
    Fee 0%
    Fuel surcharge fee is announced by Econt on the 1st day of the month, depending on the road conditions, infrastructure and fuel prices in Bulgaria
  • Download your iEcont here
    You can download iEcont application for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad here - from iTunes, or directly from App Store.

    Users of Android operating systems can download the application by scanning the QR code, or by visiting Android Market.
  • Deliveries of Econt on 1-st of May

    In connection with the national holiday on May 1, we informed that 30.04 (Monday) and 1.05 (Tuesday) will be non-working days for Econt.

    All consignments accepted on 27.04 (Friday) will be delivered according to the customer’s request – on Saturday, 28.04 when using additional service Priority, or on the first working day after the holidays – 02:05 (Wednesday). This request should be included in the transport contract for forwarding the shipment.

    Received on 28.04 (Saturday) shipments will be delivered on 02:05 (Wednesday)

    More information can be found here

    To order a courier dial “Courier” on your phone!

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