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The electronic commerce and the delivery with Econt
Software integration

Econt supports the development of the electronic commerce in Bulgaria. The company focused its efforts towards facilitating and optimizing the processes of orders treatment at the stage of preparation of products for delivery to the courier.

To ensure this, Econt invest resources in developing software products for integration with the Courier’s system. The opportunities that the Courier currently offers to active online traders are:

1. Integration through module for delivery for the different platforms, on which is based the online store;
2. Built in virtual office in the user’s site (page, store, email ...).

1. Implementation of integration through a delivery module

The integration module enables Internet merchants in addition to automated preparation of bills of lading, to optimize the delivery costs.

The customers of each integrated shop have the opportunity to receive information about the price of courier’s service still to the site of the online store. In order from an integrated online shop, they can determine the type and terms of delivery - whether to be sent to specified address or to a convenient Econt’s office. They can choose whether to use additional services such as declared value, priority hour for delivery and others.

When setting up the module (this is done once in the integration of the stores) the trader, shop owner, is able to determine the conditions for delivery of items sent by him, as well as pre-order for returning of goods to him in case of refusal by the recipient.

Software integration with the system of Econt for the electronic stores that are not developed on a ready platform can be achieved through a communication protocol. The protocol can be downloaded HERE. Instructions for integration you can find HERE

Information and comparative characteristics of different platforms, based on the work of the electronic stores and for which we already have developed modules for integration, you can see below.

Criteria for comparison of platforms

Platforms/Criteria Distribution Installation of module for delivery with Econt Information about the module for delivery with Econt IT company
Summer Cart paid built-in Summer Cart development&maintenance Mirchev Ideas Ltd.
OsCommerce free installation file OsCommerce development&maintenance Consult Soft Ltd.
BG Cart paid built-in BG Cart development&maintenance ProWebs Ltd.
RexCart free built-in RexCart development&maintenance ProWebs Ltd.
Zen Cart free installation file Zen Cart development&maintenance Simeon Mladenov
Magazine Online paid installation file Magazine Online development&maintenance Dot Media Ltd.
Exsitee paid built-in Exsitee development&maintenance Easy Solutions Ltd.
Prestashop free installation file Prestashop development&maintenance ORM BG paid built-in development&maintenance Iris Visia Ltd.
Joomla, Virtuemart free installation file Joomla, Virtuemart development&maintenance
3D Web Design Ltd.

2. Implementation of integration through a built-in virtual office

The virtual office provides two-way online communication with the web-based software for work of Econt, enabling its users at any time to prepare shipments, to make inquiries about them, to dispose of, to submit requests for a courier and use facilities such as tariff calculator and locator of Econt offices.

Detailed information about the Econt Virtual Franchiser project you can find HERE.

Preferential prices for courier services to the customers of the merchants who have made an integration with the system of Econt

The use of preferential prices is regulated by the signing of a contract between the electronic trader and the Courier. Under the terms of this contract, Econt provides discount of the courier’s service by Tariff for shipments that are prepared by using one of the software products (integration module or virtual office).

You can read the terms and conditions of preferential prices by looking at the forms:
- Contract for individuals;
- Contract for entities.

  • Fuel surcharge and road conditions for Bulgaria, Romania and Greece
    Month May
    Fee 0%
    Fuel surcharge fee is announced by Econt on the 1st day of the month, depending on the road conditions, infrastructure and fuel prices in Bulgaria
  • Download your iEcont here
    You can download iEcont application for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad here - from iTunes, or directly from App Store.

    Users of Android operating systems can download the application by scanning the QR code, or by visiting Android Market.
  • Deliveries of Econt on 1-st of May

    In connection with the national holiday on May 1, we informed that 30.04 (Monday) and 1.05 (Tuesday) will be non-working days for Econt.

    All consignments accepted on 27.04 (Friday) will be delivered according to the customer’s request – on Saturday, 28.04 when using additional service Priority, or on the first working day after the holidays – 02:05 (Wednesday). This request should be included in the transport contract for forwarding the shipment.

    Received on 28.04 (Saturday) shipments will be delivered on 02:05 (Wednesday)

    More information can be found here

    To order a courier dial “Courier” on your phone!

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