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Purchase via courier in Romania
Purchase via courier: General terms

Presentation of the service Purchase via courier in Romania

Why would I use this service?
When you need delivery of goods you have paid for or you want to purchase goods from on-line stores in Romania, but you have difficulties with online payments (payment cards form Bulgaria are not accepted; Seller requires on-site payment or there are any other payment inconveniences) we would like to do that on your behalf through our service "Purchase via courier".
How does the service work?

  • Select an item from an online store

  • Fill in a purchase form online or at any Econt office. Pay the price for the items, which you want us to buy on your behalf, as well as the delivery costs from the store to one of our offices in Bucharest. You can pay by bank transfer * or in cash at any Econt office, as the payment shall be made in BGN in accordance with the exchange rate for the day;

  • *The bank transfer may be done in any currency you want. Additional costs to exchange the amount in BGN, as well as any differences between the bank exchange rates shall be at your expense.
  • After you file the purchase order we will confirm that it has been received and reviewed on the e-mail address you have specified, as the data you have entered is sufficient to fulfil the order.

  • After we accept the goods at an Econt office in Bucharest, you will receive a complete list of the goods you have purchased on your email. Following your order, the goods will be processed and forwarded as a courier shipment (in accordance with the General Terms for Purchase via courier, paragraph 11). If you choose to store your goods at our warehouse, we will wait for your next purchase and will process all of them as one shipment. The period for free storage of goods at the courier’s warehouse is 7 working days from the date of entry in warehouse. After expiration of this period an additional storage fee shall be charged, in accordance with the current courier services tariff of Econt LTD.

  • Upon suspicion that forbidden items or substances have been put in a shipment, the Courier is entitled to inspect the shipment in the presence of the Sender or upon his/her written consent (Pursuant to General Terms of Econt, p.25.6.). Upon refusal or no response, the courier is entitled to refuse acceptance of the shipment, or if it has already been accepted to notify the respective competent state authorities for further proceedings.

  • If your purchase exceeds the amount of 500 BGN, it shall be shipped with an additional service: Declared value, which shall guarantee enhanced responsibility on behalf of the Courier. The commission for using this service shall be added to the courier service.

  • You may pay for the courier service:

  • - By bank transfer– upon receiving confirmation for forwarding the shipment to Bulgaria
    - In cash– upon delivery of goods.
  • You can follow the movement of the goods through your e-office e-econt or on www.е, without any registration necessary.

  • Fuel surcharge and road conditions for Bulgaria, Romania and Greece
    Month May
    Fee 0%
    Fuel surcharge fee is announced by Econt on the 1st day of the month, depending on the road conditions, infrastructure and fuel prices in Bulgaria
  • Download your iEcont here
    You can download iEcont application for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad here - from iTunes, or directly from App Store.

    Users of Android operating systems can download the application by scanning the QR code, or by visiting Android Market.
  • Deliveries of Econt on 1-st of May

    In connection with the national holiday on May 1, we informed that 30.04 (Monday) and 1.05 (Tuesday) will be non-working days for Econt.

    All consignments accepted on 27.04 (Friday) will be delivered according to the customer’s request – on Saturday, 28.04 when using additional service Priority, or on the first working day after the holidays – 02:05 (Wednesday). This request should be included in the transport contract for forwarding the shipment.

    Received on 28.04 (Saturday) shipments will be delivered on 02:05 (Wednesday)

    More information can be found here

    To order a courier dial “Courier” on your phone!

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