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General terms for rendering the service Purchase via courier
General Terms
For rendering the service «Purchase via courier»

    Section I: General provisions

  1. These General terms determine the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Users of the service «Purchase via courier», rendered by «Econt Express» Ltd., referred to as «Courier».
  2. The service «Purchase via courier» is an assignment by the User to the Courier, for purchasing goods on behalf of and at the expense of the User, as the Courier is obligated to deliver the Goods to the User as a courier shipment, in accordance with these General Terms, the General terms and Tariff for rendering courier services of «Econt Express» Ltd.
  3. Upon rendering the service «Purchase via courier», the Courier appears to be the User’s warrantor for the proper and precise fulfilment of his/her instructions, accepted by the Courier and for protection of his/her interest before the Seller of the goods.
  4. Section II: Description of the service and the terms for its rendering

  5. The order for rendering the service «Purchase via courier» shall be submitted by the User to the courier electronically or on paper, by completing the Courier’s sample form with the following information:
    4.1. Full information about the User, submitting the order;
    4.2. Full description of the terms of purchase, including description of the goods, price, currency, place and method of purchase;
    4.3. All details necessary for the delivery of the goods, including address and method of delivery, consignee and special conditions in accordance with the ones offered by the Courier;
    4.4. Confirmation by the User on the electronic form or by a signature on the paper form that he/she accepts these General terms for rendering the service.
  6. Courier is obligated to check the completeness of the information contained in the order filed by the User, the presence of acceptance of the General terms and to confirm its feasibility. If the information is not sufficient or complete, Courier undertakes to clarify everything with the User before confirming the order.
  7. Courier shall not undertake fulfilment of orders for purchasing goods, which may be classified as prohibited for transportation objects and substances in accordance with the General terms for rendering courier services of Econt Express Ltd, or if the conditions are unclear or impossible to be fulfilled at the Courier’s discretion.
  8. User shall pay in advance in cash at any Courier office, or by bank transfer on the Courier’s bank account, the amount for purchasing the goods, and undertakes the obligation to accept the goods upon delivery and to pay the amount due for the courier service. Courier accepts the amount in BGN for the purchase from the User, and all payments between Courier and User shall be in BGN. If the goods have to be purchased in any other currency, all payments between the Courier and User shall be made in BGN, in accordance with the central exchange rate of the BNB for the day of payment of the amount for purchase by the User.
  9. Courier is obligated to undertake the necessary actions to purchase the goods within the following business day after the confirmation of the Order and payment of the amount necessary for the purchase;
  10. Courier is obligated to inform the User in the event of problems within the process of purchasing and to act in accordance with the User’s instructions, given in writing or orally, if the conversation has been recorded with the User’s consent.
  11. Courier is obligated to notify the User when the goods are delivered in their disposition;
  12. Goods in Courier’s disposition shall be processed and forwarded as a courier shipment upon the following conditions:
    - only after instruction by the User, written in an Order for «Purchase via courier» or filed additionally, in writing or orally if the conversation has been recorded with the User’s consent;
    - on behalf of the User, as this shall be included in the courier bill;
    - within the business day, in which the User’s order has been received or on the following working day, if it has been filed on a non-working day;
    - in accordance with the conditions for delivery, specified by the User in the Order for «Purchase via courier», as the Courier is obligated to observe the terms for delivery of courier shipments, announced on the website of Econt Express Ltd.
  13. The period for free storage of goods in the courier’s warehouse is 7 calendar days from the date of entry in warehouse, for which the client has been notified in writing. After expiration of this period an additional storage fee shall be charged in accordance with the current courier services tariff of Econt LTD, announced on the company website, for the period from the 8th day to the date of forwarding of the goods. The maximum period for storage in the Courier’s warehouse is 30 days, and after its expiration the goods shall be forwarded to the User as a courier shipment without waiting for an order to do so.
  14. The value of the service «Purchase via courier» and the delivery as courier shipment of goods, purchased by the courier by order of the User, shall be fixed, based on the value, weight of goods and the conditions of delivery, in accordance with the current Courier Services Tariff of Econt Express Ltd., announced on the company site or with the individual tariff plan of the User, if any, agreed between him/her and the Courier.
  15. If the purchased goods exceed the amount of 500 BGN, they shall be shipped with an additional service: “Declared value”, equivalent to the real value of the goods, at the expense of the User.
  16. In the event of full or partial non-fulfilment of the order, for reasons beyond the influence of the Courier, the User shall be reimbursed the part of the advance payment, which has not been used for the purchase.
  17. The term for fulfilment of the service «Purchase via courier» includes the period of time necessary for fulfilment of the purchase by the Courier, for processing and transferring the goods from the seller to the Courier, and for processing and delivery of the goods to the User as a courier shipment.
  18. Section III : Rights and obligations of the Courier and the User

  19. Courier guarantees to the User proper and complete fulfilment of the purchase assignment in accordance with the information filled in the Order for «Purchase via courier» by the User, and confirmed by the Courier;
  20. Courier, in their capacity as a warrantor for fulfilment of the purchase, acting on behalf of and at the expense of the User is obligated to undertake all necessary actions for protection of the User’s rights before the Seller;
  21. Courier undertakes the obligation not to disclose any personal data and information, disclosed to them in the course of fulfilment of the service;
  22. User undertakes the obligation to pay all amounts due for the Courier services in accordance with the Terms of use.
  23. Upon refusal on behalf of the User to accept the goods or to pay the amounts due to the Courier, they are entitled to keep the shipment until payment obligations to them are fulfilled;
  24. Section IV: Claim procedures and compensations

  25. User may file in a claim to the Courier in connection with incomplete, improper or delayed fulfilment of the service «Purchase via courier», up to 30 /thirty/ days after receiving confirmation for feasibility of the order.
  26. User may file in a claim to the Courier concerning the delivery of goods as a courier shipment in accordance with the terms and conditions envisaged by the General terms for rendering courier services of Econt Express Ltd.
  27. Disputes between the User and the Courier shall be resolved based on partnership cooperation, through negotiations and additional agreements. Upon failure to reach agreement, any party is entitled to request cooperation by the Communications Regulation Commission, other competent authorities or to take the dispute to be resolved before the competent Bulgarian Court.
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