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Tariff – postal services
Valid from May 9, 2013

Tariff for main postal services

Universal postal services weight sale price
Items of correspondence, containing a message of current or private nature, inserted in an envelope no larger than 260/360 mm, thickness up to 20 mm and weighing up to 2 kg up to 0.5 kg
up to 2 kg
1,50 BGN
3,00 BGN
Shipment containing objects with or without commercial value, not prohibited for use in packages, weighing up to 20 kg up to 1 kg
more than 1 kg
up to 20 kg
4,00 BGN
+ 0,40 BGN/ for each subsequent kilogram

All universal postal services are exempt from value added tax (VAT).

Tariff for additional postal services

type of the service sale price
for letters
Recommendation 2,00 BGN
for shipments
return receipt of goods Returning document by registered letter with 10% discount
two way shipment second shipment is with 10% discount
storing after the 7th business day 4,80 BGN / per day / per shipment
for registered letters and shipments
declared value 0,20% of the declared value
return receipt 2,40 BGN
cash on delivery* 1,20% of the amount

* Cash on delivery - delivery of a registered letter or shipment against payment by the recipient of a sum determined by the sender, which is transmitted to the sender with a money transfer. The value of money transfer shall be determined under the tariff announced on the website of Econt Express LTD.
To the price of the shipments shall be added fuel surcharge and road conditions.
To the price of the letters shall not be added fuel surcharge and road conditions.
The formula for calculating the courier service is the following: Final price for SHIPMENT = (Normal service + Additional services) + fuel surcharge and road conditions.
Fuel surcgarge fee is announced by Econt on the 1st day of the month, depending on the road conditions, infrastructure and fuel prices in Bulgaria.
The delivery is made in accordance with the General Terms of the contract with users of universal postal services and universal postal service № 1-003 / 14.12.2006

Terms of acceptance / delivery

For settlements with Econt office                      on the next business day after sending
For settlements without Econt office                  as scheduled within 3 working days from the dispatch
Shipments are: small packages up to 2 kg, printed matter up to 5 kg, secogrammes up to 7 kg, and postal parcels up to 20 kg.
* Letters, shipments, recommendation and declared value are universal postal services, which are exempt from value added tax (VAT).
* Return receipt, cash on delivery, storing after the 7th working day are non-universal postal services with value added tax (VAT).
* Dimensions:
- For letter: width 260 mm, length up to 360 mm, height up to 20 mm.
- For shipments: up to 60 cm on each side.
Each shipment may consist of several parts with a total size of up to 60x60x60 cm.

  • Fuel surcharge and road conditions for Bulgaria, Romania and Greece
    Month April
    Fee 0%
    Fuel surcharge fee is announced by Econt on the 1st day of the month, depending on the road conditions, infrastructure and fuel prices in Bulgaria
  • Download your iEcont here
    You can download iEcont application for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad here - from iTunes, or directly from App Store.

    Users of Android operating systems can download the application by scanning the QR code, or by visiting Android Market.
  • Deliveries of Econt on 1-st of May

    In connection with the national holiday on May 1, we informed that 30.04 (Monday) and 1.05 (Tuesday) will be non-working days for Econt.

    All consignments accepted on 27.04 (Friday) will be delivered according to the customer’s request – on Saturday, 28.04 when using additional service Priority, or on the first working day after the holidays – 02:05 (Wednesday). This request should be included in the transport contract for forwarding the shipment.

    Received on 28.04 (Saturday) shipments will be delivered on 02:05 (Wednesday)

    More information can be found here

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